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Purium Rewards Program

It pays to be healthy.

Getting a Customer is great. Getting them to come back is even better! Our Rewards Program helps keep your Customers

coming back by rewarding

them with points that turn into savings. 

• 1000 points = $10 off next order

• 2000 points = $20 off next order

• 3000 points = $40 off next order (Extra Value!)

There are lots of opportunities for NEW Customers and Brand Partners to earn lots of Rewards Points right off the bat.

Our goal is to have a $10 discount waiting for their 2nd order!

Ways to Earn Points

1. Create an account on = 100 pts

2. 1st purchase = 2 pts per $1 spent (+500 Bonus Points)

3. 2nd purchase = 2 pts per $1 spent (+500 Bonus Points)

4. Sign-up for Smart Order = 2 points per $1 spent (+200 Bonus Points)

5. Keep Smart Order Active = 2 points per $1 spent (on any purchase throughout the month)

6. No Smart Order Activated = 1 point per $1 spent (after the 1st & 2nd purchase)

But, wait. There’s BONUS Points for "social activity," too!

• "Like" Purium Health Products on FB = 50 points

       o Only earned once

• Follow @puriumhp on Instagram: 50 points

 o Only earned once

• Write Product Review on iShopPurium: 200 points

 o Can be earned once a month


What about existing Customers and Brand Partners who have already purchased more than once or twice on iShopPurium?

Don’t worry, they can earn Rewards Points too! In fact, they should have 200 points in their account already by having an

Purium account. Rewards Points for Smart Order Activation (signup) and Bonus "social activity" can be earned, as well. 

Where can Rewards Points be earned, redeemed and viewed?

Rewards Points can be earned via, (enrollment),, Back Office, Cus-

tomer Service, Facebook (1x) and Instagram (1x).

Rewards Points can be only redeemed and viewed via

Rewards Points cannot be redeemed via

Sign in to or "Create an Account."

And what about earning Purium Rewards points from events?

Rewards Points from select event ticket purchases will be applied upon the completion of the event date, based on verified 

attendance. If an event offers Rewards Points, it will list it on its event page.

What is the fine print about Purium Rewards and Redemption?

Rewards Points are non-transferable. The redemption value is subtracted from the order subtotal and any remaining sub-

total amount that is paid will accrue Rewards Points.

Rewards Points have no cash value.

Customers and Brand Partners are eligible for Purium Rewards Points.

Health Professionals and Professors do not earn rewards as they already earn a more substantial discount for consistent ordering.

No refunds for Rewards Points on returned products.

Shipping and sales tax amounts excluded.

Do the Rewards Points expire?

Rewards Points will accumulate as long as there is activity on the account (ordering or redeeming). If a Customer or Brand

Partner is not active for 6 months straight, all Rewards Points will be forfeited at that time. 

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