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Salt Cherry Flush for Support with Constipation

This issue is one of the main reasons why Flex Foods are important and why we offer them in the first place. For example, the fat in the avocado and/or the fibers in the apple when combined with the proper water intake will create an excellent lubricating and absorbing mechanism which will greatly assist in maintaining bowel motility at this time of reduced food intake. If you are prone to constipation we suggest using a stool softener or salt flush to open up the detoxification pathways (see below for one suggestion called the "Salt / Cherry Flush").  You can also try this stomach exercise: 



* Stand up straight then bend straight over and rest hands on thighs. 


* Take a few deep breaths, and then exhale all air. 


* Now pull in the stomach and try to have it touch the diaphragm. 


* Now push back all the way out and repeat this 2-10 times or as many as you can without taking a 




* Repeat this entire exercise 5-10 times and this really massages the intestines increasing mobility. 



Salt / Cherry Flush (Optional) 


If you are not eliminating regularly on your own during the fast, every other day you can flush your bowels


of accumulated waste and toxins by doing the following.



o Wake up 1 hour early to allow time to complete the flush


o Mix 1 qt. of warm water with 2 tsp of Himalayan sea salt (or other non-iodized natural salt)


o In a separate glass, mix 4 tbsp. of Apothe-Cherry with 12 oz. cold water


o Drink the salt water (from step 2).


o Immediately lie down on your left side for 20 minutes, keeping the Apothe-Cherry drink in




o Drink the Apothe-Cherry


o Resume lying on left side for 20 additional minutes


o Sit on toilet with feet elevated several inches off the ground. You can use a couple of thick


books, small stool, trashcan or a Welles Step.


o You should "empty out" in a few minutes. 



Reminder: DO NOT pass gas unless sitting on the toilet. Results may vary on the initial salt cherry flush.


Try again the next day if you are not successful the first time and you should see results.

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