UPDATE The Payment Plan is now expired.  All new ticket purchases must be paid in full

In an effort to help more people enjoy the 2017 BIG Convention, Purium is offering a payment plan. This payment plan option is only available through March 31,2017 (initial payment processed). 

The total price for the BIG Convention ticket through this payment plan is $249. The initial payment is $49, followed by 4 monthly payments of $50 each. 

Please note that these would be all NONREFUNDABLE payments. All payments MUST be paid in full by July 31, 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

This payment plan does not apply to the two ticket pack bundle for the Convention and UnConvention. It is only for the BIG Convention ticket purchase of $249

New Members who qualify for the reduced convention price of $199 within their first 30 days of enrolling in Purium have the option of participating in the payment plan as well. These new Members will be responsible for the $49 initial payment, followed by 3 monthly payments of $50 (as opposed to 4 monthly payments).
ALL of these payments are NONREFUNDABLE.