The information below is indicative of the typical heavy metal content in spirulina raw material used in Purium products.


Recommended Daily Maximum Levels

2016 Spirulina Batches

2017 Spirulina Batches


10 ppm

0.30 ppm

0.26 ppm


4.1 ppm

0.10 ppm

0.04 ppm


10 ppm

0.19 ppm

0.17 ppm


3.3 ppm

0.10 ppm

0.02 ppm

As evident in the table above, the average heavy metal content in the spirulina used in Purium products is very low in content compared to the maximum recommended exposure limits.

2016 typical results are an average of seven batches received in the second half of 2017.

2017 typical results are an average of all batches received since January 1, 2017.

This statement has been reviewed and is approved by the Quality Department at Purium.