Q Does Can't Beet This taste anything like beets?
A No its a fruity taste. We believe it’s the best tasting beet product on the market

Q Overall difference between the Athletes Transformation vs. The System
A The Athletes Transformation is being replaced with the SYSTEM.


Not positioned as a cleanse. Instead its support for athletic performance

Contains a specific regimen of pre and post work outs


 Can’t Beet This – Provides natural energy and improves muscle mass and increases nitric oxide

 Contains Caffeine: 1 scoop has ~20mg caffeine which is equivalent to a ¼ cup of coffee

 Super Amino 23 – Provides protein synthesis via the lymphatic system. No digestive upset and no calories

 Super Xanthin – Recycles energy and reduces lactic acid; gives you more energy


 MVP Sport – muscle recovery… includes digestive enzymes and pro biotics.

Q Athlete Continuation Pack equivalent to the reset pack for the Athletes Transformation?
A Yes. If you want to continue after the 30 day experience

Q Why did we switch the Powershake/LOV for the MVP?
A More protein specifically designed for workouts by athletes

LOV = 20 grams per 4 scoops

MVP = 16 grams per 1 scoop          * only come in one size....canisters can be the equivalent of either 15 or 30 servings depending on usage

Q Able to choose different shake options?(i.e powershake, LOV, MVP)
A NOT interchangeable.

Q Athlete’s pack included with Core3 and/or Reset pack, can any packs come with new MVP?
A No, these previous packs will no longer be available.