Do you have questions for the Platinum Customer Support?

Contact our Customer Service through the following e-mail address:

Where can I find Information regarding the Compensation Plan?

As a Platinum Distributor the Information regarding the Compensation Plan is already available in Back Office.

        1) Please log-in to your Back Office.

        2) Access RESOURCES/RESOURCES Library.

        3) View Compensation Plan brochure.

Compensation Plan (Weekly and Monthly)

All bonus payments are done via bank transfer to a bank account provided by you.

The monthly bonus payments are due the 15th of the following month.

The calculations for Distributors or Customers (until the fourth level) are done from Saturday 7.00 until the next Saturday at 6:59 (Central European Time).

Weekly payments are made on the Fridays of the following week.


To find your weekly and monthly Commission settlements:

        1) Please log-in to your Back Office.


        3) Download and print the needed settlements.

How can I become Premium Distributor? 

Premium distributor status benefit of 30% off retail prices a backup order with a BV of at least 50 must be set up.

A back up Order is a monthly recurring order set up by a distributor, which is processed on the 21th of every month.

This only happens if the distributor doesn’t order products with BV of 50 or more before the 20th by 2 PM Greenwich Mean Time (UTC).

An Activated Back-up Order of 50 BV or more automatically qualifies a distributor to be a Premium Distributor.

Where can I find information regarding the business, where can I find the price lists, where can I find information on the 10 Days Transformation Program etc.?

Distributors have the option to access all the data from the telephone conferences (including audio files) by accessing their own Back office. At RESOURCES/RESOURCES LIBRARY, you will find all the files.

If you are interested to read all the Platinum Newsletters you can access his information by going to RESOURCES/COMPANY NEWS.


VAT identification number

A value added tax identification number or VAT identification number used in many countries for value added tax purposes.

If you have a VAT ID please inform us. We are sending you the products from Austria.

I am a Health Professional. How can I be part of your Professional Program?

Platinum Europe is committed to working with Certified Health Professional or (CHP) so we can bring our healthy, organic products to a larger audience.

To support these efforts, we offer a 40% Product Discount and a 40% Retail Bonus to all Certified Health Professionals.

Licensed Health Professional categories include:

  • Health: doctor, nurse, nutritionist, physical therapist, massage therapist etc.
  • Fitness: personal trainer, gym owner etc.
  • Beauty: esthetician, spa owner etc.

After Platinum Europe Corporate approves the CHPs provided copy of their Health Professional license or certification we rank them as “Distributor” status in our system.

They must place a first time qualify order of 400 BV or has reached a Personal Group Volume of over 400BV in a given Month to maintain the status.

More details to our Professional program can find on Page 6 of our Compensation Plan. Find the plan by accessing RESOURCES/RESOURCES LIBRARY/ BONUSPLAN UND GESCHAEFTSBEDINGUNGEN[1].

How does the Preferred Customer Program work?

All Platinum Europe customers enjoy reduced prices on Platinum products.

First orders are normal priced but are purchased with 50 EUR gift card.

Second orders receive 15% off and third orders on receive 20% discounts.

However, to receive the 20% discount consistently customers must order within 30-days of their previous order, otherwise all future orders will be relegated to the 15 percent discount until the 30-day schedule becomes consistent.

A monthly Backup Order, or a reoccurring order of the same items monthly, is the best solution to keep the discounts as high as possible but isn’t required.

I do not have any Sponsor. Can you please help?

Please contact our Customer Support E-mail address:

Email us your name, location, and a valid phone number. 

We will provide you with help as soon as possible you will get an answer. 

I am a Purium Distributor – could I enroll Platinum Europe customers?

Us members can enroll customers from Europe. The US sponsor must be aware Platinum Europe has its own website and product range.

Additionally, gift cards for EU customers must be Platinum gift cards; the US Purium gift cards will not work.

Commissions for EU customers will be calculated according to the Platinum Europe commission plan and are paid together with your US commissions.