As organic plant proteins gain in popularity an industry shortage has occurred in low heavy metal plant protein.  Due to this shortage, Purium was forced to source material from secondary supply sources to keep with our protein content and heavy metal standards.  Color, smell and taste variation can be expected with materials that are not highly processed.

Another factor contributing to the stronger taste and smell is that the materials we are receiving and using in the products are extremely fresh due to the constrained supply.  Smells can dissipate over time and of recent batches, there hasn’t been holding time with the plant proteins.

We test every batch for identity and microbiological activity assuring label claims are met and there are no pathogens in the product.

The plant proteins are safe.  A thorough investigation has been done on multiple lots of Lov Supermeal original, Lov Supermeal Vanilla Chai, MVP sport chocolate and MVP sport vanilla and they are all within specification and safe.

Our procurement team is working with suppliers to secure material that meets quality standards and has a more neutral taste and smell.  We are hopeful that the stronger taste is a temporary issue however are unsure when alternative material will be steadily available.