Apple Berry Power Shake and Daily Fiber blend contain Rice Bran Solubles. There have been reports that rice and rice products contain arsenic. Here are our findings.

The typical result for the arsenic load for 1 serving of Gluten-free Apple Berry Powershake is 26.84 ug per serving and for 1 serving of Caramel Daily Fiber Blend is 2.75 ug per serving.  


The older World Health Organization guideline was to stay below 15 ug / kg of body weight per week.


For example:  A 55 kg person could consume 825 ugper week / 7 days = 117 ug per day without the increased risk of certainconditions.  


1 serving of Apple Berry Powershake plus 1 serving ofCaramel Daily Fiber Blend is well below these guidelines or would be about 25%of one’s daily allotment to stay under the maximum daily exposure guideline.


The newer established guide lines from CONTAM indicate amaximum exposure range of between .3 - 8 ug per day per kg of bodyweight.  Assuming a 55 kg person, the exposure range is 16.5 ug - 440 ug.


Although 1 serving of Apple Berry Powershake plus 1serving of Caramel Daily Fiber Blend is higher than the minimum, it is only 7%of the maximum daily allotment.


The numbers above are for combined organic and in organic arsenic.  The arsenic concern is regarding inorganic arsenic:  Free,not bound with carbon.  When it's bound in the organic state, it is rapidly excreted through the kidneys and urine. We have the information now on the inorganic arsenic and when we look at those numbers, it lowers the percentage of arsenic when compared to the World Health Organization guidelines to 23% of one’s daily allotment and to 6% of the maximum daily allotment when compared with the CONTAM maximum daily allotment.  


Body weight is also a factor.  1 serving of AppleBerry Powershake is fine for a child, but we do not recommend 3 servings per day for a child.  Most of the research / concern from the US has been placed on small children due to lower body weight which lowers the minimum exposure quantities.


Lastly, the spirulina and grasses included in the Appleberry Powershake contain chlorophyll which acts as a natural heavy metal chelator.  The trade-off of a small arsenic load in the combination of Apple berry Powershake and Daily Fiber Blend is well worth it for all the benefits that come from rice bran solubles and the other ingredients in theformulas.