Congrats on enrolling your non-profit! Now the fun begins. While the non-profit is technically its own Brand Partner,

you may need to help get the ball rolling by leading a Healthy Living Challenge or starting a Group Cleanse. Remember,

non-profits can have a large audience and you will receive 5% of ALL direct Customer sales from that Gift Card code.

The non-profit will receive 20%! Don’t be afraid to jump into that community, engage and encourage the non-profit

influencers to share the Gift Card code with everyone they meet.


Although Purium sends a Welcome Email with tips and support links, it is important for you to personally follow-up, too.

 •  Introduce yourself to everyone who works with the non-profit and identify key communication points (i.e. a 

member of their fundraising, development, or communication teams).

 •  Identify their main audience, how they host regular events and how you can engage with their community, too.

 •  EXAMPLE: Introduce yourself to the non-profit with a friendly email or call. Check out their website and social 

media for photos and posts of recent and upcoming events.


Once you have a good understanding of the audience and how they connect with each other, it’s easier to know how you

can engage and share Purium with them. Make sure to set a date and schedule, as well as a follow-up plan.

 •  Ask yourself: What kind of Healthy Living Challenge should you lead? A 10-Day for weight loss or fitness? A

family nutrition challenge? Stress-relief? The answer will not always be the same. Stay specific and relevant to the

non-profit’s goals and interests. 

 •  Determine if they are a more digital or physical community. Are their members more active on social media or do

they meet in person more often? 

 •  Ask if you can send the Purium Gives email to their members and share/post on their social media or 

e-newsletters. Post on their Facebook or other social media page! Encourage Customers to share photos of their

experiences and tag Purium on Facebook and Instagram.

  o  Use any of our images or captions that you see on Purium social media pages (save them to your phone) or


  o  Link to iShopPurium (40-Day, 10-Day or Purium Bundles Collection page) with "Buy and Donate now!"

  o  Remind the audience that Purium will donate 20% to their organization! Making the connection between 

the non-profit’s mission and Purium’s mission will create a "1+1=3" synergy in the minds of the group

members and motivate purchases.


Depending on the non-profit’s communication methods and event schedule, there will be plenty of ways to share Purium

and the non-profit’s Gift Card code. Whatever plan you choose, it’s important to provide Customers with the resources

they will need for their Healthy Living Cthallenge or Group Cleanse. And healthy living is a lifestyle, so make sure they

know that we provide products for the long run.

•  Start promoting the Healthy Living Challenge and Group Cleanse with the Gift Card code. Download the NonProfit

Letter Template

to customize a mass email that introduces



•  Provide support by connecting these new Customers to the right resources: Plan Schedules, 10-Day

Transformation FB Support Group, etc.)

•  EXAMPLE: Set up a booth/table or enlist as a guest presenter at one of their events. 

•  Always follow-up: Whatever pathway you choose, it’s important to give your Customers incentive for coming 

back. Explain to them that they will want to continue with a Core 4 pack or schedule their favorite products for a

monthly Smart Order. 

•  EXAMPLE: If a Customer loves Apothe-Cherry or CHILL spray, why not offer them the Sleep Pack or monthly

Smart Order? If the non-profit is keen on Women’s Defense and women’s health, why not offer the Global

Sisterhood pack?


Any time of the year is a good time to start a Healthy Living Challenge! Below are seasonal ideas to get you and your

non-profit off to a running start, no matter the month.

Start a Healthy Living Challenge – Sample ideas for every season!


Help your non-profit get fit and healthy with superfoods. Spark interest or rekindle their broken New Years’ resolutions!

If they’re not interested in weight loss and fitness, what about flu season? Keep their immune systems up and ready!


Spring Cleaning doesn’t just have to be about houses. Encourage group cleanses, and 10-Day and 40-Day challenges. 

If they’re not interested in cleanses, help them keep the Spring in their steps! Offer overall life support packs for Sleep, 

Mood, etc. or fitness and exercise packs, like 10-Day, 40-Day and Core 4-Athletes.


There’s no time for sadness in the summertime! Help your non-profit continue their health journey with Core 4 packs or

keep them refreshed in the summer heat with Purium staples, like Aloe Digest and Coco Hydrate.


Help your non-profit get back to school in a healthy way for the whole family! Stay energized and get immunity-support. 

Offer Kids Quad Pack, CHILL spray and other products that could help make this school season easier for everyone.

Give Halloween treats (healthy ones, of course) out with the non-profit’s gift card attached during October!


Inspire a healthy start to the holiday season with a pre-Thanksgiving Group Cleanse. Help your non-profit beat the

lines on Black Friday and send them to for superfoods savings, ensuring they have healthy and happy

holidays. You can even suggest packs as gifts (like the BIO 5 Piece Beauty Set)!

NOTE: Always remember to emphasize that Purium will donate 20% and have fun!