We will discontinue the use of scoops our products. This is a process that will take time and we are a company committed to using less plastic for the betterment of our environment. As we use up existing label stock that has instructions notated in scoops, we will re-print labels with instructions notated in teaspoons and tablespoons.

Below is a list of products that have been converted to scoop free and their label instructions are consistent with that...

item#: 2751- Coco Hydrate

item#: 2752- Aloe Digest

item#: 2455-Rice Bran

item#: 2712- LOV Super Meal Bio Bag (2 Pack)

item#: 2911- LOV Vanilla Chai Bio Bag (2 Pack)

item#: 2753- Can't Beet This Bio Bag

item#: 2742- MVP Sports Vanilla Bio Bag

item#: 2743- MVP SPorts Chocolate Bio Bag

item#: 2422- Kamut Blend Family Size Bio Bag

item#: 2456- Rice Bran Bio Bag

item#: 2016- Daily Fiber Caramel Apple Bio Bag

item#: 2009- Powershake Apple Berry 1065g Bottle - shipping late January / February