Our earth-friendly transition is moving along! While we certainly do not want to waste any labels during this changeover, we sincerely appreciate your patience.

Below is a list of all the products that are officially scoop-free with new serving amounts (Tbs./tsp.) on their labels.

ProductNew Serving Size
Aloe Digest
2 1/4 tsp

Can't BEET This! (Terra Pouch)

2-4 tsp.

Coco Hydrate

2 tsp.

Daily Fiber Caramel Apple (Terra Pouch)

2.5 Tbsp.

LOV Original (Terra Pouch -2 Pack)

6 Tbsp.

LOV Vanilla Chai Bio Bag (2 Pack)

6 Tbsp.

MVP Sports Chocolate (Terra Pouch)

3.5-6.5 Tbsp.

MVP Sports Vanilla (Terra Pouch)

3.5-6.5 Tbsp.

Kamut Blend Family Size (Terra Pouch)

3/4 tsp.

Power Shake Apple-Berry

5.5 Tbsp.

Rice Bran

1 Tbsp.

Rice Bran (Terra Pouch)

1 Tbsp.