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Purium Customers can Upgrade through their backoffice. Once they login to their backoffice they will see an Upgrade Now Button. If they click that it will re-direct them to the Enrollment Upgrade website.

Any product purchases that they have made in the current calendar month will count towards a FREE launch pack. On the right hand side of the Product page, below the cart, they will see how much more they need to purchase to qualify for a FREE or $99 Launch Pack.

Example - if they purchased $356 in the current calendar month - they would see the following:

Your Previous Product Purchases towards a FREE pack are $356
You qualify for a $99 launch pack.
Purchase $144.00 more in product and you qualify for a FREE launch pack


Below please find a Tip and Script from the amazing 4-Star Crown, Sonia Magruder:

A periodic call to action to look at the business opportunity is a great way to leverage customer groups. Here is an example she used that immediately generated leads. She simply spoke from personal experience and posted a picture of her snack, with a concise but thoughtful caption, connecting the Purium opportunity.

This cost $16 + tip. Compared to $7.50 a day for organic whole food, superfood nutrition and the highest quality most efficient protein on the planet. What we have is an insane bargain! On top of that, Purium offers us the opportunity to become a brand partner and rewards us for sharing something that so many people need! When I tell a friend I liked the avocado toast and cashew milk latte I got from that restaurant, the restaurant isn’t even sending me a thank you! Lol ? If you’re not already a brand partner and would like to learn more, comment below ?