When a customer returns products within the 60 day period we allot for our no-questions-asked money back guarantee (see our article on how to return products for more info), we adjust the commissions earned on the original sale of the products being returned. Essentially, we take back the commissions that were earned on that initial order in a process called a "Clawback".

When we process a refund for the items being sent back, we place a negative balance on the accounts of anyone who earned a commission for the original sale. This means that the return of a 10-Day Transformation (which originally generated a $50 commission for the enroller when purchased in a customer's first order) will result in a $50 debit on the commissions of the Enroller. This may also affect the commissions of other Members Upline from the Enroller, as they may have earned commissions on the sale of the products as well.

At the time of this refund, we also deduct volume from the Group Volume of any members who originally benefitted from the Volume of the original order. This will not retroactively affect a Member's rank for any previous months; it only takes effect during the month in which a refund for the products returned is processed (i.e. if a customer purchases products in July and returns them in August, we deduct Volume in August, not July). This is one important reason why our returns policy extends only for 60 days; this gives enrollers a timeframe of when to expect possible returns of products purchased by downlines.