Purium Health Products operates within the United States and Canada. However, customers outside of these countries may still place orders with Purium, though there are several restrictions on those types of orders, which will be listed below. Purium can generally ship to any country serviced by FedEx. 

Note: Customers in Europe can join Platinum Health Europe or contact PHE Customer Service (support@platinumeurope.biz) before proceeding with an international shipment with Purium.

  •  Shipped via FedEx International. As a result, each order must be placed through Purium Customer Service in order to correctly calculate shipping fees. 

  • Must be placed either over the phone (+1 888 747 6733) or via email (support@puriumcorp.com). There is no online ordering for international customers.

  • Not permitted to become Purium Members; only customers living in the United States and its territories and Canada (including international military bases) are permitted to become Members with Purium.

  • Must buy products at the full retail price, and are not permitted to use a $50 gift card.

  • Responsible for any customs, conversion, or other fees associated with ordering from Purium. Transactions are always processed using US Dollars. Customers are responsible for ensuring the destination country can accept Purium products before processing as Purium is not responsible for orders rejected by customs. 

  • Commissions earned on the orders of international customers are the same as those earned on customers in the US or Canada.