This commission is paid on any First Order placed by a new Member or PLC Member.

  • Paid out through the Enroller Tree
  • Enroller must be Active in order to earn commissions
  • This commission is based on 25% of the Business Volume from any items on the order other than 10-Day Transformation, Athlete's Transformation, and Enrollment Pack products
    • For example, if a new PLC Member places an order for 30 servings of Super Meal LOV Original (60 BV), the Enroller will receive 25% of that 60 BV in dollars, which is $15
    • The next three Active Uplines above the Enroller will each receive 5% of the BV from any commissionable items on the order, including 10-Day Transformations, Athlete's Transformations and Gold, Platinum, and Launch Enrollment Packs