Professional Profit is a commission paid out on any orders placed by a Retail Customer. This includes not just first orders by a Retail Customer but also any further orders that they place.

  • Paid to the Enroller, who does not need to be Active
  • Paid only to Professional Members
  • Retail First Order
    • If the Retail Customer purchases any products other than a 10-Day or Athlete's Transformation, the Professional Profit is earned. If a 10-Day Transformation or Athlete's Transformation is purchased, the Give $50, Get $50 is Bonus is earned. Professional Profit is based on the subtotal of the products being purchased, not the BV.
      • Professional Members earn 45% of the subtotal of products
    • If a Gift Card is applied to the first order, in addition to the $50 deducted from the subtotal of products, an additional $20 are deducted from the remaining commissionable subtotal.
      • Example: if a new Retail Customer purchases products subtotaling $100 and a Gift Card is applied, we deduct $50 for the Gift Card, and then an additional $20, meaning that while the customer will pay $50 for the products on the order, the Enroller will only earn a commission on $30 of that.
  • Commissions on Retail Customers' 2nd and further orders are paid at 45% of the subtotal of the order