The Unilevel Bonus is residual income based on purchases placed by Retail Customers, Members, and PLC Members during a given month.

  • This Bonus pays out through the Placement/Unilevel Tree. This means that where you place somebody in your organization may affect this bonus.
  • The Sponsor and Uplines of the Customer placing an order that is eligible for this bonus must be Active and achieve a Rank sufficient for this Bonus in order to achieve it (i.e. to be eligible for a Unilevel Bonus on a customer's order 5 levels below you, you must be at least a Director).
  • Unilevel Bonus is paid on the total BV of the order
    • 5% paid to Active Members 1-6 Levels above the customer placing the order
    • 3% paid to Active Members 7-8 Levels above the customer placing the order
    • Infinity Bonus takes effect at Levels 9 and 10. See Infinity Bonus for more information.