Video Guide: How to Create a New Smart  Order on the Back Office

To Create a new Smart Order:

 1. Log in to the Backoffice and navigate to the "Shop" menu (mouse over Shop and click "Shop" in the dropdown menu).


 2. From there, select the quantity of items desired and click "Add to Smart Order" on the right hand side.  



3. If prompted, select the desired customization options.


 4. Once all of the items you want to have on the Smart Order have been added to your Cart, click "Checkout" in the upper right hand corner.


 5. Select the desired Shipping Address and continue. If the address on file is not the one you'd like to use for your Smart Order, you'll be able to enter a new address in the form at the bottom of the page.


 6. Select the desired Method of Payment and continue. If the card on file is not the one you'd like to pay with every month, you can add a new card to the account to be used with your Backup Order in the space below the card that is on file.


 7. Once on the Order Review screen, make sure all of the information there is accurate. Once you have confirmed the information, click "Create Your Backup Order" on the right hand side. If you do not see "Create Smart Order" then it is very likely that you added items to your Card for purchase now, and should remove them prior to continuing.


 8. To confirm that your Smart Order has been successfully created, mouse over "Account" in your Backoffice and select "Smart Order" from the dropdown menu. If the prices displayed on this page are not accurate, simply click "Update Quantity" to refresh the prices.