2018 Changes to Health Professional Program 

    We are no longer accepting new enrollments as Health professionals.

    Continue to receive your 45% discount thru February 28th on products purchased through your account. 

Effective March 1, 2018, the requirements and discounts for the Health Professional Program will be modified. 

             35% discount 

                        on all products purchased through your account. 

             $400 monthly purchase. 

                        If you don’t purchase a total of $400 in a given month, your status/discount will change to Brand Partner with a max of 25% off. Once you lose                               your 35% discount it cannot be re-activated.

We’re grateful to have you as an advocate and partner on our important mission of making everyone accessible to the purest and most potent superfood products on the planet. These changes were carefully made with the guidance of our Field Advisory Board and many important considerations were reviewed. We're exploring new opportunities that can directly benefit Health Professionals like you, so expect some exciting and innovative new programs in the year to come.

Listen David Sandoval and David Litt explain the changes in their podcast

We acknowledge, respect and honor the hard work and dedication that you bring to resolving health issues that stems from our compromised food system and broken health care system.  Thanks to iShopPurium.com and our $50 Gift Cards, our business is expanding and allowing customers to directly buy our products with ease. While this may not be your business model, we do encourage you to consider it. However, if you prefer to keep a stock of Purium products for sale at your facility, there will be a change in our program March 1, 2018.