The Backoffice has contains the invoices for all orders that have been placed so far on your account; including cancelled, pending, and shipped orders.

To get the status of one of your orders, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Backoffice website.

2. Click the "Orders" tab in the middle of the green bar at the top of the page.

3. By default, you'll be sent to the "All Orders" tab, which is arranged chronologically. To find information about a specific type of order, click the relevant category.

 - To find an order's detailed invoice, click on the order number on the left hand side of the page or the "view invoice" button on the left.

 - To track an order, copy the tracking number on the left hand side and paste it into either the Federal Express or USPS tracking box on the relevant website (Note: FedEx tracking numbers are typically 12-15 digits long, and USPS tracking number tend to start with a 9 and are always 22 digits long)

Note: To check the status of your future Backup orders, mouse over "Account" and select "Backup Order" from the dropdown menu. Orders underneath the "Orders" tab are past orders, and as such do not include your future Backup Orders.