Video Guide: How to Use the Personally Enrolled/Unilevel Team

The Backoffice contains many useful tools, one of which is the "Personally Enrolled Team" option under the "Organization" tab. This feature is offered to all Members; it is not exclusive to DREAMS. Please see below examples of excerpts from the  "Personally Enrolled Team" spreadsheet (the Unilevel Team is formatted the same way, but reflects placements instead of enrollments; for more information about the distinction between these two, click here: Enroller Tree and Sponsor/Unilevel Tree.

Each of the categories above represents a certain piece of information. For instance, the numbers underneath "Level" on the left hand side indicate how far removed from you the Members indicated are. Level 0 indicates you, yourself, as the originator of your organization. Level 1 indicates Members you have personally enrolled. Levels 2 and on indicate varying degrees of separation from you. To get a look at a specific Member's tree as he or she sees it, click the green "tree" link under the "Tree" category.

The 3 columns to the right of "Tree" indicate different types of Volume:

PV = Personal Volume, or the Volume from all orders you have placed yourself

PGV = Personal Group Volume, which is composed of orders that you and your personally enrolled retail customers have placed

GV = Group Volume, which is derived from every order in your organization for the given month

To the right of those Volumes, the next 2 columns refer to how large your organization is in terms of numbers of enrolled members:

AE = Active Enrolled - this refers to the number of Members on your Level 1 who have placed at least 50 BV worth of orders this month

ChildCount: this is a gross sum of all the Members and Retail customers in your organization

The "Start Date" refers to the date upon which the Member or customer in question placed his or her first order. The Last Order Date refers to the date upon which the customer in question placed his or her last order. Type refers to the type of membership the customer currently has. Rank refers to the highest rank ever achieved by the Member. Paid Rank refers to the Rank achieved by the Member in the current month.

On the rightmost portion of the spreadsheet (not pictured) are the phone number and email address on file for the customers in your downline, which you can use to contact them.

It should be noted that the Unilevel Team option under the Organization Tab is laid out exactly the same way as the Personally Enrolled team. The difference is in the information presented. Refer to the difference between the Enroller Tree and Unilevel Tree.