The Organization Tab on the Backoffice provides power tools for use in managing your Downline and getting more information about Members in your Downline. In order, here are what the tabs on the left mean:

Tree Viewer (DREAMS): This tool allows Members to do placement changes on the Backoffice, without needing to contact customer service.

Downline Charts (DREAMS): This tool provides multicolored graphs and charts that help synthesize information from your downline from numeral form to a more visual medium.

Rank Advancement (DREAMS): This tool allows you to see how close you are to advancing in rank every month.

New Distributor's List (DREAMS): Does just what it says on the tin; this feature allows you to check the status of new distributors month by month.

Recent Activity List (DREAMS): This tool very basically explains who has enrolled whom most recently.

Unilevel Team: This tool displays a spreadsheet containing information on every member and customer in your Downline.

Personally Enrolled Team: This tool displays a spreadsheet tracking Members and Customers based on their enrollments in your organization.

Downline Ranks: This tool displays the Ranks of your Downlines in order of highest ranked to lowest as well as providing on the right hand side totals of how many Members of each Rank you have.

Downline's Orders:  This tool lists the date, total BV, and dollar amounts of orders placed by your Downline.

Downline's Back-up Orders: This tool lists the next process dates for your downlines' Backup Orders, including any DREAMS subscriptions they will be charged for.

Rank Advancement by Month (DREAMS): This tool displays your rank advancements month by month.

Downline Enrollments (DREAMS): This tool tracks the variance in enrollments done by members in your Downline month by month.

Full Group Volume (DREAMS): This tool allows you to see how your and your Downlines' Group Volumes have varied month by month, allowing you to compare progress every month.

Customers: This tool shows you the activity levels of all personally enrolled Retail Customers.

Gift Cards: This is an external link to the gift card management website. You will be required to login again to access the site.