Purium Members or Professionals may have their own personal websites or use Social Media websites to introduce themselves and promote their business opportunity. However, except as described in the following paragraph, these personal sites may not use the name Purium Health Products®, the Purium Health Products logo, or the name of any Purium product without the prior written approval of the Home Office. 

Personal websites may not contain any detailed information about the Company, its products or its business opportunity. Members and Professionals may only display the Company approved images of Purium products and trademarks that are made available in the Back Office. All images and information related to Purium Health Products and its products are protected by copyright and Purium reserves all legal rights to these images and information.  A Purium Member or Professional's personal site may not make any medical claims about Purium or other nutritional products or relay personal medical experiences after using Purium products. In addition, Members and Professionals may not represent that the Company or its products have been approved or endorsed by any government agency.

A Purium Member or Professional may not make unsubstantiated income claims about the business opportunity or misrepresent the amount of time and effort required to build a Purium home based business.  Members and Professionals may not reproduce or incorporate product descriptions, media presentations, images, scientific studies or other content from the Company or Member websites for use on personal or other independent websites. The Company reserves the right to require you or your Internet Provider to remove any content from any site that is in any way associated with Purium, its products or its business opportunity, if the Company, in its sole discretion, deems such content to be harmful as to its trade name, trademarks, copyrights or business plan.