The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is the recommended price for selling Purium products to Loyal Customers and Brand Partners. If a Brand Partners or Professional buys the products and decides to sell them to Loyal Customers, the price remains at the discretion of the Member or Professional.

Keep in mind that Purium does not allow Purium products to be sold in retail establishments. The only exception is if the owner is a Purium Member and 70% or more of the business is a service, such as a gym, hair salon, doctor’s office or juice bar, and not a vitamin store or other traditional retail store. Some Brand Partners or Professionals may wish to buy and resell products. While we do not discourage this, we want to remind Brand Partners and Professionals that purchasing products for resale is not part of any requirement set forth by Purium and by doing so you take on all of the legal responsibilities of a retail establishment.