Gift Cards may be distributed by a Brand Partner who has purchased them to their new prospects for their first order. For customers electing not to enroll as a Brand Partner, they will use the gift card code given to them on For orders that fall between $75 - $200, they will receive $50 off on the retail price and 40 BV off on the business volume. If the product subtotal exceeds $200 then, the discount applied switches to 25% off, giving you a deeper discount and at this point, the BV is not reduced. 

Only one gift card can be used during the lifetime of an account, and it is limited to use on the first order. Only one card can be redeemed per household.

When a prospect elects to enroll on and enters the gift card ode they've received, they will automatically receive a 25% discount on the items they are purchasing. A $50 reduction will not be applied on top of the 25% discount.

The Retail profit is earned on orders that are net $20 (which means, the product total is greater than $20 after the gift card is used). See Weekly Commissions for more information about bonuses earned when a Gift Card is used.