There are five types of Customers:

1. Professionals - Customers that receive a 35% discount and must place a $400 order every month to maintain membership.

2. Purium Professor - Customers who have undergone the PHP Acadamy training/schooling and have passed all 4 courses resulting in their certification in each course. Purium Professors enjoy the benefit of receiving a 35% discount off retail price of all product by maintaining a monthly 50 BV smart order.If at any time the smart order fails to process within any given month the Purium Professor will lose his/her Professor title and associated discount indefinitely.

3. Brand Partner - customer who has opted to purchase one of our membership enrollment packs and has thus become a Purium Member. This customer type is eligible to distribute Purium products and receive commission for their sales and the sales of his or her down-lines orders.

4. Loyal Customers - Customers who has opted not to purchase a membership enrollment pack. This customer type is ineligible to distribute Purium Products


Professionals, Professors, Brand Partners are also known as Distributors. Customers that order through the Online Shopping Cart without enrolling in the Membership program or signing up for a smart order will be Loyal Customers. Customers that order over the phone with Customer Care that do not ask to enroll as a Member or Professional will automatically be a Loyal customer or Brand Partner(depending upon whether they sign up for a smart order).