Members can opt in to business building and informative texts simply by sending a text message to "55678" with one of several codes in the text of the message.

Customers in the United States can use the following codes:

Transformation: send this code the day before starting a 10-Day Transformation to get daily inspirational messages from David Sandoval and members of our Purium Celebrity Team.

Athlete: send this code the day you begin your 10-Day Athlete's Transformation to get encouragement and advice from David Sandoval and members of our Purium Celebrity Team.

Purium: Have prospects send this code to get a simplified introduction of Purium along with the Farm to Family video, the animated 10-Day Transformation video and a link to the Gift Card site. This code will also opt customers in to continue to get information about conference calls, general notifications about company events, and other business building related information.

TeamSandoval: this code will opt customers in to get daily texts from David Sandoval about business building opportunities, training, and the latest company news.

OneTon: this code will opt customers in to receive information about the One Ton Challenge.

Spanish: communication en Español.

MMM: this code will start an informative text series about the Million Mom Movement and our Farm to Family policy.

Canadian customers can text the codes the same way as US customers, but must send the text message to the number "70734" instead of "55678."

All text recipients can opt-out at any point by replying "Stop" to any text message or by sending a text message with "Stop" in the body to the correct short code (55678 for US, 70734 for Canada). Short codes work just like any normal phone number.