The Backoffice enables Members to view their commissions for all previous weekly and monthly periods during which commissions were earned. To access this information, Members will need to login to their Backoffice first, and follow the steps below.

1. First, mouse over the "Commissions" tab and click on "Commissions" in the dropdown menu.

2. On the following page, you can scroll down to see a pie chart showing what you earned for the most recent commissions period, whether it was last week or last month. On the right hand side, there is a breakdown of which types of commissions went into the sum that you earned for the period.

3. If you scroll down even further past the pie chart, you will find a breakdown of whose orders generated the commissions that you earned. To get a detail view of one of the categories there, simply click on the black arrow next to the category from which you want details.

Starting on the left, the categories by which the commissions are organized are:

 - From I... (ID Number): This lists the ID number of the Member whose order generated a commission.

 - From: This simply lists the name of the Member whose order generated the commission.

 - Level: This shows which Level the order that generated a commission was on.

 - Source: This shows the source amount of a commission in BV. In this case, a 10% commission was earned on 89 BV points, generating a $8.90 payout.

 - %: This refers to the percentage of the source that is being paid out. This depends on the type of commission earned.

 - Earned: This is simply the amount of the commission that was earned.