Multi-Level Marketing is based fundamentally on business relationships between existing Distributors and the Members they enroll. It is important that Purium have a firm policy regarding the degree of latitude upline Members have with regard to modifying their Downlines' accounts and orders.

As a general rule, uplines are not allowed to make changes to the account of a downline Member. The only time an upline can make changes to a downline's account is when the downline is on the phone with the upline and authorizes any changes or has previously authorized the upline to make changes to his or her account.

Certain exceptions may be made to this rule (such as cancellation of a Backup Order, placement of a hold on an order that is in processing, etc.) but actions such as changing a username/password, creating a new order, or putting in place a new Backup Order are strictly prohibited and require that the accountholder directly authorize these actions.

If a Member provides another member his or her username and password, this serves as tacit approval to manage and make changes to the account on file. Do not provide your username or password to anyone you would not like to be able to place orders or change account settings on your account.