Please note that, while some may not experience the weight loss that they had hoped, weight loss is not the only marker of a successful transformation. The cleansing, nourishing and rebuilding that takes place over these 10 days is often a benefit that is well worth the effort.  Three reasons for why you may not lose weight are:

1. You started at a healthy weight and gained muscle and lost fat in fairly equal amounts. Muscle weighs more than fat so the net effect was a small weight gain - though you probably lost an inch or two of fat, as well.


2. If you’re within two weeks of your menstrual cycle and you typically experience extra stress and water weight during that time, you may be fighting an uphill battle, and it may be better to wait until the first day following your cycle in order to maximize results.


3. You are experiencing the onset of stress hormones, or other hormone imbalances which are not addressed by this program.