Most Purium products can safely be used by children, with the exception of infants (0-6 months). Some products are not as beneficial to children and are therefore not recommended, as they are designed to work to assist with problems typically encountered by adults.

The Super Amino 23 is not recommended for children during early growth and development, as it is an amino acid supplement designed for people who have already entered puberty. The reason for this is that the amino acid "tyrosine", which is an important aspect of normal development for children, is not present in the Super Amino 23 product that Purium sells. Tyrosine deficiency is not normally a problem for children, but the Amino Acids are less effective for children due to their lack of it.

The Super Life Formula is a hormone balancing product designed to assist men and women with hormone imbalances. As a result, for children, who have not yet reached a point of having stable hormone levels, this product is not recommended. For the most part, this product is recommended for men over the age of 30 and women over the age of 25. There could be some benefit for men and women under those ages (post-pubescent), but only if they are athletes and the use of the products has been approved by a physician.

The Men's and Women's Defense products are designed to help men and women with reproductive and, in men's case, prostate health. As such, they are not useful for children who have not yet gone through puberty. Typically, these products are much more helpful to mature adults.

The Super Cleansr, one of the key products in the 10-Day Transformation cleanse, can be used, but it should be dosed down based on the weight of the consumer. Generally, people who weigh less than 100 pounds should half the dose, and anybody 100 pounds or higher should use the full dose.