One of the issues encountered by many customers once they have built a large organization is getting the system to present the information they need in an easy to consume manner. This article will provide some tips for using the Unilevel Team tab on your backoffice to organize your Downline.

The small tree icon next to each of the categories above can actually be opened and use to organize your downline.

For instance, here I've clicked the "Type" tree icon. The "Type" category relates to which type of customer or member the person in my downline is. This will allow me to select only customers in my downline that satisfy the criteria I provide.

If I set the dropdown menu to "Is equal to", only customers of the type I stipulate will be displayed. In this example, I've chosen only "PLC Members" (keep in mind that this is not case sensitive, but otherwise must be entered correctly). The result is below:

Another useful tool is the ability to organize members by name if you are looking for a specific person in your downline.

One way of doing this is by including part of a customer's name in order to bring up every customer's name that contains the text you enter. Below is an example of this with the "Contains" function selected.

You can also choose to select just the first part of someone's name, resulting in a list organized by first name. Use the "Starts with" function for this.

There are ways to sort by every category on the backoffice. You can also sort by Group Volume, Personal Volume, Rank, and Paid Rank.