What is Ionic Elements? 

Ionic Elements is a specially-formulated combination of fulvic acid and ocean trace minerals that can help boost immune function amongst other benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike.

What’s In It? 

Supercharged Activated Fulvic Acid: Humic and fulvic acids are small, water-soluble minerals fond in humus, soil and organic vegetables. These multi-faceted compounds can support healthy immune function, aging and even athletic performance. Purium’s fulvic acid is supercharged and activated through a proprietary refining method to accelerate the concentration and purity.

Ocean and Plant-Derived Trace Minerals: Trace elements taken from seawater and plants can help support the immune system, supplying essential minerals and nutrients.

Other Ingredients 

Purified Water

Suggested Use 

As a dietary supplement, add 2 droppers/pumps (approx. 20 drops) to water or any other beverage 3 times per day. Do not take undiluted.

Why Do We Make It? 

When a person exercises or sweats, they can lose up to 20 minerals that are vital for energy and endurance. Mineral deficiencies have also become a growing issue due to topsoil erosion and overuse of farmland chemicals, eradicating naturally-occurring minerals from the earth’s soil. The deficiency can lead to physical issues related to body aches, muscle cramping and headaches.

Because of this, many people choose to seek out ways to restore mineral balances in their body and for good reason. Purium recognized this need and created a convenient and easy-to-use bottle, fitted with a refreshing and potent blend of fulvic acid, and plant and ocean minerals. The ionic nature of these compounds allows them to enter cell walls easier, making absorption much easier.

While most sports drinks only have 2 or 3 minerals, Ionic Elements has over 60.

These minerals may provide positive support for:

  • Immune function

  • Aging

  • Sleep

  • Alkalinity

  • Healthy growth of hair, skin and nails

  • Athletic recovery and performance

Dave Sandoval’s Product Pairing Suggestions 

Dave suggests pairing Ionic Elements with:

  • Green Spectrum: helps boost the alkalizing and immunizing support from green veggies

  • Can’t BEET This!: aids athletic performance and recovery

  • Apothe-Cherry: supports a healthy circadian rhythm, proving restful sleep and aging support


This product is gluten-free and vegan.

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Related Information 

If you have a medical condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a medical practitioner before consuming any dietary supplements.

FDA Statement 

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