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Super Amino 23 is not a dietary protein in the sense that proteins are composed of chains of amino acids that need to be broken down and re-configured for use in your body. The Super Amino 23 is already in a form that your body can utilize for the creation of new cells. This is why we call the Super Amino 23 "predigested"; it’s as though your body had already gone through the work to make the proteins usable by digesting them.  Super Amino 23 is made from plant based sources that have been fermented. Fermentation is a natural process involving micro organisms, vegetable/plant matter, sugar and enzymes.

Super Amino 23 does not have a "protein content" as such, since it is composed of the building blocks of proteins. The recommended serving size is 5 grams, which is enough to act as a superior supplement for muscle synthesis, endurance, and cell regeneration. We include the Super Amino 23 on the Transformation because it provides an excellent source of easy-to-use amino acids for your body, and is a serviceable substitute for other forms of dietary protein.

Super Amino 23 normally comes in tablet form, which is composed of compressed powder. We sell it in this form so that it retains its freshness longer, as less surface area is exposed to the air when it is in tablet form versus when it is in a powdered form.

If you have difficulty swallowing the tablets, you do have the option of breaking them down just prior to consumption. You can grind them down with a mortar and pestle and take them with water or juice, or just break them up into smaller pieces and swallow them normally (be careful to avoid hard edges on the resultant pieces to avoid irritating your throat).

We do not recommend powdering any more of the Super Amino 23 than the amount that you are about to use, because that would adversely affect the freshness of whatever you ended up not using. Once crushed into powder it should be consumed immediately.