Purium's products are sourced only from farms and suppliers that we trust. They do not use artificial pesticides, fertilizers, or GMO seeds to produce the raw materials.  Products are processed on-site after harvesting, which improves the quality of the powders and extracts that we receive by halting the process of degradation that begins as soon as the plant has left the soil. No nutrients are lost in transit between the farm and our manufacturing facility in Long Beach. This results in the freshest products possible for our customers.  Our facilities where we produce and process ingredients for our products are non-GMO and meet the highest quality standards.  


Cereal Grasses such as Kamut, Barley, Wheatgrass (unless otherwise indicated), are grown at a private farm in Utah.

Spirulina is sourced from salt waters in China.

Cracked Cell Chlorella is produced in Taiwan.

Rice Bran Solubles is sourced from Thailand.