The David Sandoval Academy of Learning Online Course comprises, in total, 8 semesters worth of knowledge. There are 4 main categories of study (weight loss, sports and fitness, detoxification, and anti-aging). Each of these has 2 semesters of lessons.

The purpose of the online course is a preparation in all Purium products and in general nutritional and fitness knowledge from David Sandoval. For this reason, at the end of each semester of the Academy, students will receive a mid-term test that will evaluate the knowledge they have acquired. At the end of the second semester, a final will be sent. Once a student has completed and passed all 8 mid-terms and finals, he or she will acquire a certification from Purium and the ability to participate in Purium as a Purium Professor.

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a. You must purchase an "Online" course prior to attending any of the corresponding "Live" sessions. 
b. Once you have purchased an online course you may attend a live course and would only need to pay for accommodations which include meals. 
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