Rank is a measure of how active and large a Member's Downline is. We use Rank to determine which commissions a Member will qualify for. There are three different statistics we measure for determining if a Member will advance in Rank.

  • Personal Group Volume (PGV): Based on BV from all orders placed by the Member him/herself and Retail Customers directly enrolled by the Member. To be eligible for commissions, this amount must be 50 BV or greater. Diamonds must have 100 PGV and Crowns must have 200 PGV per month.

  • Personally Enrolled Active Associates: This is a measure of how many Members that were personally enrolled are Active in a given monthly period. If a Member is trying to become a Consultant, for instance, he or she must have 2 Personally Enrolled Active Associates. These do not need to be newly enrolled members (the same 2 Associates will count each month), but they must have been Enrolled by the Member, not placed under him/her, and they must have at least 50 PGV (be active) each month.

  • Group Volume (GV): Group Volume is simply a measure of all BV from orders in a Member's organization on a monthly basis. For Red Diamonds and below, this includes all orders down to Level 8. For Crowns and above, this includes orders down to Level 9.

For an example of the requirements of Rank, see the picture below. Note that these are the (unfulfilled) requirements to become a Diamond. For information about the "3 Consultant Legs" requirement, see "Structure Requirements". If you are subscribed to the Dreams Technology platform, you can access this tool yourself. For more information, click here.