One of the features available on the Backoffice, specifically in the Rank Advancement Tool unlocked by DREAMS, is the ability to find out if you are currently qualified for the Lifestyle and Pool Bonuses (for more information about how to qualify for these, click here).

This tool can be very useful, but only if you first understand how you are qualifying for this bonus.

First, the requirements as laid out in the link above are different for Diamonds thru Red Diamonds than they are for Crown and higher.

Second, this tool updates in real-time, meaning that if your new Consultant or Director is underneath another customer who ranks as Diamond this month, that member's ranking as Diamond may lock you out of being able to use the new Consultant or Director from qualifying. This means that while this tool may display that you are qualified for the Bonuses one day, it may show that you are not qualified the next. The best way to double check whether or not you are qualified is by following the guide below:

1. Login to your Backoffice.

2. Find the Organization Tab at the top of the page and choose "Unilevel Team" from the Dropdown Menu.

3. Once in the Unilevel Team, you'll want to narrow your downline down only to Members who have never been a Consultant/Director or higher before. To do this, click on the tree symbol next to "Rank ID" and choose "Is Less Than or Equal to" from the dropdown menu.

Rank ID refers to the ID number of the highest Rank the member has achieved. In this case, we are trying to narrow our downline down to only Members who have never been a Consultant before. The Rank ID for Consultant is 104, so we want Members who have only achieved the Rank of Builder (103) or lower (for Crowns and higher, the requirement is that a new Director must be created, so we use 104 for this instead of 103 so that we only see Consultants and lower).

4. After removing everybody who has been a Consultant before, we want to see if anybody from this list has achieved Consultant Rank or higher for this first time this month. To do that, we're going to use the Paid Rank ID tab. This refers to the Member's current Rank this month.

Since we're trying to figure out if anybody has achieved at least the Rank of Consultant this month, we're going to choose the "Is Greater Than or Equal to" function from the dropdown menu and input a value of "104", which is the Consultant Rank ID.

5. After doing this, your downline should consist only of Members who before this month, have never achieved the Rank of Consultant or higher, but have achieved it this month. If there are Members in your Unilevel Team after doing this, you are very likely qualified for the Lifestyle/Pool Bonuses. However, you still need to check one more thing.

6. If any of the new Consultants are underneath another Diamond or higher who has been a Diamond or higher for more than 1 month, those new Consultants will not qualify you for the Pool/Lifestyle Bonuses; you will need to raise somebody else up to Consultant Rank or higher who has never been one before.