Oftentimes, immediately after creating a Smart Order or re-instating an inactive Smart Order, the prices displayed for that order may be higher than expected. This is caused by the fact that when you set your Smart Order up for the first time, the prices you are seeing reflect only your 15% Loyal Customer discount; the 25% discount you will receive as a Loyal Customer not yet reflected. Once the Smart Order is in place, you must refresh the prices listed for the items on the Smart Order to see the right price. Simply navigate to your Smart Order menu (mouse over the Account tab in the Smart Order and click "Smart Order" in the dropdown menu) and click "Update Quantity" to refresh the pricing.

There is no BV requirement for your Smart Order as a Loyal Customer to maintain your 25% discount. Brand Partners do not have a BV requirement to maintain 25% either, but in order to be considered active to receive commissions, the Smart Order must be 50BV or more.