If a Retail Customer or Member is dissatisfied with any Purium product for any reason, he or she may return the product to the Company or Member

from whom it was directly purchased within 60 days. The customer will receive a refund of their purchase price, excluding shipping charges on all items returned.


Every Purium Member and Professional is required to offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee to all Retail Customers when returned within 60 days. All Purium

Members and Professionals are responsible to honor this guarantee.


Federal law gives a buyer the right to cancel consumer sales of $25 or more without penalty prior to midnight on the third business day after the transaction. If the consumer

wishes to cancel, he or she must mail or deliver to the Member or Professional prior to midnight on the third business day after the transaction:

1. A valid notice of cancellation after ordering or purchasing product.

2. The product in the same substantially good and unused condition as received.

The consumer is then entitled to a full refund from the Member without penalty. When delivering product to customers, the Member or Professional is responsible for

informing the consumer of the “Buyer’s Right to Cancel.” The Member or Professional must present the consumer with a complete legal notice in writing and obtain the buyer’s

signature thereon