When we cancel a paid order because a customer wants to change some aspect of the order (items, shipping method, etc.) we need to transfer payment from that initial order to the new order with the items that the customer wants. This is a multi-step process.

1. Open the customer's account in Exigo.

2. Open the original order. If it has not already been cancelled, cancel it (assuming prior approval from escalations to do so).

3. Create a new order with the items that the customer wishes to receive. Make sure that the shipping address, items, and shipping method are all correct before continuing.

4. Once on the Payment page for the new order, re-open the old order and go to its payment page as well. There should be a payment on the old order, but not on the new order.

5. Click "Add Payment" on the new order. Do NOT apply any credit.

6. Select the existing payment on the old order and click "Edit".

7. Copy over all information from the payment information on the old order to the new order. This includes the Payment Data, Payment Amount, Name on Card and Billing Address. Make sure that the last four digits of the credit card in the old order match the last 4 digits of the credit card in the new order (you may have to select "Alternate" from the buttons above the Name on Card field in the new order to select the correct credit card). If the card on file is not the same as the card that was initially used to process payment, we need to enter the full card number and other information in order to do a payment transfer.

8. Once all of the information in both windows matches exactly, select "Manual Authorization" from the buttons at the bottom of the new payment window. Copy in the authorization code from the old order. Once that information has been entered, click "Authorize now" and close out the new order.

8a. If the new order costs more than the old one, just process payment for the remaining balance as you would normally by adding payment appropriately.

8b. If the new order costs less than the old order, make sure to send a refund request for the balance.

9. On the old order, remove the payment by highlighting it on the Payment page and clicking "Remove" from the buttons above.

10. Make sure to notate the account after completing this process. The note should follow this format:

10/10/2015 - Cancelled [Original Order] because [Customer Name] wanted to (change items, change ship method, etc.). Moved payment to [New Order]. -Name

If you submitted a request for a refund or took any other action, of course, notate those as well.