Start by pulling up the account of the customer who is purchasing more products. Use their customer ID, phone, or name to pull up the account.

Verify the customer's address/email to make sure that you have the right account.

Click on "Orders/Invoices" to open the Orders page. Click on "New Order" at the top of the page.

Verify again that the customer wishes to have the order shipped to the address we have on file for them. If they would like it shipped elsewhere, fill out the form at the bottom of the page with the correct address.

On the next page, select the items that the customer wishes to order. Make sure that the pricing is correct for their membership type (i.e. Standard Members get 15% off, PLC Members get 30%).

Once you have finished selecting items, select the shipping method for the order. Always ask how quickly the customer needs the items, and select the appropriate method based on their needs. Once they have chosen a shipping method, move on.

Summarize the charges for the order, including the subtotal of items, shipping cost, tax, and finally the grand total. If the customer is satisfied, click on "Add Payment" in the upper left hand corner of the order.

If the customer has a card on file with us, verify the last 4 digits. If the card we have is correct, confirm the total again and ask for the 3 or 4 digit CVC code for their card. Enter it into the field that says "CVC". Click "Authorize Now".

If the order processes successfully, verbally confirm that it has been successfully processed and notate the transaction, making sure to include the order number.