This will guide you through the process of opening a new account for a first-time customer.

Remember that Exigo is to be used only in the case that the customer does not have a gift card to redeem. If the customer is redeeming a gift card, refer to the guides here: Retail and Membership.

1. Start by clicking the "New Customer" button in Exigo. This is located in the top right corner of the customer search pane.

2. Fill out the fields on the resulting dialog box like so. The required fields are highlighted.  Make sure that the customer's first and last name are in separate boxes. Phone number should be entered in this format: 555-555-5555. The 3-3-4 arrangement of numbers is how we are trained to search for phone numbers in the system, so make sure to enter it exactly this way. Unless the customer volunteers multiple phone numbers, just get the main number and enter it into the field indicated.

"Customer Type" may refer to Retail Customer, US/CAN Member, PLC Member, or Professional. As a rule, we do not use any of the other member types located in that list.

On the next page, the Payment tab, fill out the required fields highlighted in yellow (if the Billing Address is the same as the Shipping Address, just click the box next to "Use Main Address"). It is very important to enter the CC number correctly. If the credit card number is entered incorrectly, the page will display an error in red that says "Invalid Credit Card Number". Have the customer repeat the number if you see this.

On the Commissions Tab, make sure to fill out the Enroller/Sponsor information at the bottom of the page. You'll be entering the customer ID number of the enroller and sponsor in these fields. The other highlighted fields must only be filled out when the customer wishes to enroll in direct deposit.

The Other Tab does not need to be filled out at all for new customers.

The User Defined Tab has only one field that should be filled out when creating a new customer. We use the "Bonus Acct Bank Name" field to save the gift card code (if applicable) that is being used to enroll the new customer.

After filling out these fields, just hit the "Ok" button in the bottom right. This will create a new account for your customer.

After the account has been created, the information you will need to procure varies depending on whether or not the new customer is enrolling as a Member.

If the customer is fine with ordering at retail, you are done at this point with the account creation process and just need to place their first order with them.

If the customer is becoming a member, there are several additional pieces of information you need.

1. Login Details: Located at the bottom of the customer page, in the middle panel:

2. Web Alias: Located below Login:

3. If the customer wants to become a PLC member, you'll need to setup a Backup Order: Located on the right hand panel under "Recurring Orders":

4. Email Messages: If the customer wishes to be opted in for messages by email, make sure to click on "Email Messages" on the left hand side and select "Opt Customer In" at the top of the page.

After completing these steps, the only remaining step is the placement of the first order on the account.