Note that this is only in effect for monthly Backup Orders. Regular orders cannot be cancelled or changed after they have been printed.

When cancelling an order that has gone into the printed status, authorization must be secured by escalations prior to taking any action. It does not matter when the order was placed; we need to follow this procedure to ensure that we do not cancel orders that have already shipped.

1. Why does the customer want to cancel the order? If the issue is that the wrong price type was chosen (for instance, the customer was charged as a Standard Member - 15% off - rather than a PLC Member - 30%), then you do not need authorization to cancel the order, since the items and shipping method are not changing. Just zero out the order's price and BV, and move payment from the cancelled order to a new order with the correct price on it, then move that order into shipped.

2. If the customer needs to change the items, shipping address/method, or just cancel the order entirely, you need to contact escalations for approval prior to cancelling it.