Members may call and wish to change the sponsorship of members they have enrolled. Before we can accept their request for a placement change, we must first determine whether or not the member they wish to move is eligible for such a change.

1. Has the member been enrolled within 1+ month of the current date? This means that a member can only be moved within their month of enrollment or during the entire following month (i.e. members enrolled in January can be placed any time during January and anytime during February).

2. Placement changes will not be processed within the first week of a month.

3. Members' placements cannot be changed more than once.

4. Retail customers cannot be moved.

Once you have ascertained that the member to be moved fulfills these requirements, you can either request the placement change to be carried out by Agent Support (which will incur a $50 fee) or you can instruct the customer to use their DREAMS technology platform to make the change themselves.

To guide them through using DREAMS, click here. To have Agent support complete the placement change, use the appropriate option from the request dropdown menu on the Ask the Cat site.