Oftentimes, customers will call us wanting to know why they are missing commissions that they think they have earned. The number one reason for missing commissions is a return on behalf of a downline. The number two reason is that they are simply inactive, and therefore ineligible for commissions. Customers who are inactive are those who have not purchased at least 50 BV in the current or previous month.

To figure out why a customer's commissions might have been garnished, try the following:

1. Open their account in Exigo and click on "Commission History" on the left hand side. This will open a list of all commissions the customer has earned, both weekly and monthly, during the lifetime of their account.

2. Once you can see the full list of all commissions the Member has earned, look for negative numbers. You'll see that in this example, week 153 has a -$50 commission, meaning that a customer who originally purchased a 10-Day Transformation returned the product, resulting in a clawback for the upline.

3. Double-clicking on the commission week will bring up a detail page.

4. On the detail page, click on the relevant bonus to find out who returned products.

5. In this case, we can see the Violette Wright returned her 10-Day Transformation, resulting in a $50 debit on the upline's account. Until the upline earns $50 or more to clear the balance on the account, they will not receive any commissions from us.