This is our process for upgrading retail customers to Members when the original retail order is already in printed or shipped.

1. Set up up username/password and web alias for the new member. Also make sure to ask if he or she wants a Backup Order setup.

2. Zero out all pricing and BV on the original order, including tax and shipping. Do not change the status of this order! Leave in shipped/printed. The order should look like the picture below:

 3. Create a second order with the correct items and pricing. Move the payment from the first order to this second order. Move this order to shipped immediately.

4. Create a third order (REPLACEMENT ORDER) with the items that are on the second order but not on the first order (usually just the Membership Kit). Charge shipping on this order.

5. Last, but not least, delete the "Date Became Customer" coding in Exigo. To do this, click the "Codings" link on the left hand side of Exigo. Then select the "Date Became Customer" and click "Delete Coding". You do not need to add a member coding, it will be automatically added.