As part of our new exchange policy, Agent Support will be responsible for a little extra work behind the scenes. There are two exchange processes, so there will be two sets of instructions.

Process One: Customer wants a different shake ASAP, so they buy it up front and send the unwanted shake back later.

1. The phone rep will provide the customer an RMA for the product that is being purchased as a replacement for the unwanted shake. So they will literally place an order for the customer and immediately RMA it and give the customer return instructions. However, the customer will actually be sending back the shake from the original order; the unwanted one.

2. When you receive the Freshdesk ticket for the RMA that the customer was provided, the shake you receive should not match the order number on the RMA. This is intentional, because you will be refunding the customer not for the shake they are returning, but for the shake that was purchased as a replacement.

3. Process a return order for the RMA # that you received. No shipping refund.

Process Two: Customer will send in the unwanted shake and wait to get their replacement later

1. When we get the RMA'd shake back, issue a replacement order for the correct shake (should be indicated in notes). Charge for flat-rate shipping on that replacement order using the card on file.