Our current method of paying commission to all Promoters in Canada is through bank draft.We understand that this method, although reliable is not the most efficient.As a result, we are offering Promoters an additional option when considering how they would like to receive their weekly commission payments.This option is available immediately.

For a nominal monthly fee of approximately $5.99 USD, TD Bank Ameritrade (www.tdbank.com) allows Canadians to open a US Dollar Cross Border TD Simple Checking Account in the US through an online signup process.They will issue a debit card as well to any Canadian who opens a checking account with them. With this USD account, Purium will be able to pay commissions via ACH at no cost to you.Your funds will be available within 24hrs.Upon receiving the funds, you have two ways in which you can access them.You can simply use your Debit card which is tied to the checking account, or you can elect to transfer the funds to a CAD account at another banking institution at no cost to you.In order to transfer funds to another banking institution, you will have to call in to customer service.

If you are interested in this option, you can read more about it and enroll online today by accessing information on this page:


If you feel this is something you would be interested in and need more information on, please contact TD Bank Ameritrade directly regarding online enrollment, policies, transactions, and fees.Purium is not directly affiliated with, nor does it endorse TD Bank Ameritrade just as it does not endorse any other particular bank.All Canadian Promoters who open a checking account with TD Bank Ameritrade are solely and fully responsible for maintaining that account including any applicable fees per TD Bank Ameritrade’s policies.If you do decide to open a checking account, please contact Purium customer service to update your direct deposit information once you have your TD Bank checking account information.Again we are pleased to offer you this additional consideration for receiving your commissions and look forward to helping make your Purium business a success.