If a customer is unable to opt-out of texts by replying "Stop", we are able to manually remove them from receiving any texts through the following process. Start by navigating to http://client.ivisionmobile.com/clientportal/default.asp.

1. Login using the username "purium" and password "12345".

2. On the following page, click on "View Contacts" under the "Contacts Manager".

3. Next, select "Mobile" from the dropdown menu at the top of the list of customers and enter the phone number that needs to be opted out (make sure not to include spaces, dashes, (), etc.). Click "Go".

4. After searching for and finding your customer's phone number, click the magnifying glass under "Details" on the left.

5. Finally, click " Click to OPT OUT" on the far right hand side of the customer detail page. This will prevent any further texts being sent to the customer.